Freedom to Explore

Freedom to Explore

The thing about camp that everyone loves is the chance to experience new things. There are new people to meet, a new environment to explore, new activities to play, and even new foods to try. There is a whole realm of things to discover at camp! Todd Kashdan, a professor of psychology at George Mason University, shares his insights on the subject of exploring,

“No two moments are alike and with the right mindset, there is novelty and intrigue to be found nearly everywhere. It’s during these moments when they feel curious, explore, discover, and grow, that children feel most alive. What our children focus their attention on will become the seeds of their personality and the story of their life….The scientific research is clear that children who often experience curiosity and wonder, and act on these feelings to explore their world fare better at school, in relationships, at work, and end up being intelligent, creative, satisfied people.”(Huffington Post).

This is actually part of our missions statement, “BaYouCa is a Place for Time and Room to Grow”. While here at camp, we so desire for your kids to explore the greatness of their Creator and discover how the God of the universe can be involved in their lives too. Whether it is staring at a vast sky of stars, trying to find the queen bee in our enclosed beehive, or listening to one of our special nature speakers, our campers leave camp with an awe and wonder of God.


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