Friendships with Campers

Friendships with Campers

Share if you have met a good friend at BaYouCa and can relate with this note!

Last week we talked about the Freedom to Explore at camp and we said one of the greatest things about being at camp is meeting new people. Your kids will be placed in a cabin with 5-9 other campers their age, 1 counselor, and 1 support staffer. It can be scary at first, not knowing anybody, but at the end of the week…campers don’t want to leave their new friends. Something happens when they spend a week at camp.

During our Junior weeks, we play LOTS of games; icebreaker games, trivia games, games in the pool, and lots of games outdoors. We find that kid’s become loyal to one another when they are all working towards a goal. The same goes for teens. We first start them with similar games, but then gradually build their trust with each other by creating challenges that they must accomplish. Once their counselor’s feel they are ready, the teens will go to our Team Challenge Course where their whole team must work together to get everyone to complete a challenge using what materials we give them. They are also asked to focus on a specific part of team work (communication, honesty, participation, etc.).

Teens are learning real life skills here. In their world, they will have to meet new people, work on school projects together, make family decisions, and most likely work on a team when they get a job. Learning how to work effectively as a team in an encouraging environment will give them confidence for future team projects. The result of our team bonding efforts? These teens will open themselves up to each other. Because they have trusted their new friends with small things, they begin to trust them with bigger things. They feel good to know that others are going through the same things they are. Here are two previous campers who share their perspective of BaYouCa:

“Camp changed my life by showing me that I’m really not alone. That no matter what I’m going through, there’s someone that can relate to me or help me. It showed me that Christians don’t have to be perfect. That they mess up, but it is okay, we just have to learn from it.”                                                                                                                                                    -BaYouCa Camper

“It taught me how to stand up for my beliefs and that there are so many other Christian teens who have the same daily struggles that I do.”                                                                                                                            -BaYouCa Camper

After all of this, we want to make sure they get some fun time too, so we plan campfires, free time, a game night, paintball, and other things to keep their spirits high.

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